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Who are type T people?

November 18, 2009

A group of people categorized under Type T are surviving in our earth. They are very eccentric. ‘T’ stands for THRILL.   Now you can guess which type of people they are…  yes… Type T people are some who love thrill. They love to take risk where the normal people fear to do. Whenever we are in trouble or problem, adrenal hormones are secreted to increase our pulse rate, increase our pupil size and increase the  muscle contraction, so that we can be made to face the problems. But for Type T people,   adrenal hormone secretion  should be more than in normal people to make them feel that they are in problems. Since the problems that induces very high production of the hormones in human are less, type T people seek for some thrilling experiences than others.

For healthy life the adrenal hormone should produced periodically… For that our mind naturally induces us to face some thrilling experience like riding bike in high speed(which causes more adrenal secretion in normal people), so that the hormones can be produced. Whereas for Type T people, though the high speed riding s a thrilling one for the normal people, it s like a normal incident, since the amount of adrenal hormone secreted(caused by the incident) is very less(for type T people). This is the reason which induce them to seek for more thrilling experiences.

In Type T people the amount of Monoamine oxide in brain is more. This gives them courage to take risk.


Type T people-They are really different.

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